ADVANCED PROCEDURE AND AXIOMS. The pivotal breakthrough in this book, pointing to all that would follow, was encompassed in one word. L Ron Hubbard wrote the following in The Axioms Axiom One: Life is basically a static. (Definition: A life static has no mass, no motion, no. Jon Atack is the author of A Piece of Blue Sky, one of the very best books on L. Ron Hubbard and Scientology. He has a new edition of the book.

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Scientology and Dianetics Axioms – Logics

Are we not aspiring to Total Love? I think in about 30 years time scuentology will be so much of Scientology that society uses — without even knowing or understanding its source — but which helps and moves the 3rd and 4th dynamics up! So — as for the field of quantum mechanics, yah yah yah yah, Thomas Young in did the first double-slit experiment.

The Cycl e-of-A ction of the physical universe is: Never ending cycle as we see, freedom is an object, a choice, for you and me!!!!!! The first line of dissemination for any organization is its own actions: The Scientology version is to use ethics actions and disconnection to silence the detractors.


And the more truth that comes out, the louder the Darwin types scream. Dolphin Play May 7, at 5: In the end, it is far in the past and Miscavige deleted the narratives anyway. Big wrong boo-boo there! To be able to confront any subject, any situation and persist until I know.

The anatomy of Reality is contained in Isness, which is composed of A s-i sness and Alte r-i sness. As Hubbard put it: Her body is being brought to our center and we will sit with her for 24 hours — through the night.

I will be glad to think of your friend Nina and welcome her back with my thoughts. And now having read the above, instead acientology just answering the email notification, thank you all for your contributions too.

I always thought when Ron referenced things he wanted us to look into them. They are currently just seedlings and with water and sun and care could blossum into something great.

Life After Death And The Scientology Axioms | Moving On Up a Little Higher

Marty — Life After Death — Today, shortly before you posted this article — a close friend of mine — former director axooms my buddhist center passed on. Jewel May 9, at 2: The two slit diffraction experiment has been done not only with photons, but electrons and whole molecules. There is no doubt that we share the same resentment against that person.


He countered, that regardless they saved his friends ass. Interestingly, he still sends me email.

Yes, Kybalion is worth reading, Jim. I just found the title rather apropos, fitting my perverse sense of humor, after having become so overly intimate with Alice in Wonderland.

Just shows how badly you need Objective processing. As the flow of energy that exist in this body will perish and the body returns to mother Earth!

Jon Atack: The ‘Axioms’ — L. Ron Hubbard’s attempt to make Scientology sound ‘sciencey’

Lars Asplund May 7, at 4: Personally I think it is a treasure. Its incredibly ironic that the world marches forward and begins to accept concepts highlighted by Ron while RCS becomes a greater and greater mass of repressions, compulsions, denials and fears. They may as well include General Practitioners and Internists since they currently prescribe most of the psych drugs. Thanks for this Marty. Bringing the Static to view A s-i s any condition devaluates that condition.