תניה said: My attempt at reproducing Alinea’s Surf Clam dish. The debut cookbook from the restaurant Gourmet magazine named the best in the country. Not so with the recently released Alinea cookbook. Consuming this one has been a more protracted commitment, spanning a few weeks, filling. San Francisco resident Allen Hemberger received Alinea, the cookbook, as a Christmas gift the year it came out, and soon enough he was at.

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Both those of us in the industry and those outside it. If they can’t do it cookbok home, it’s still something they can wrap their heads around. Grant Achatz is the multiple award-winning chef and owner of Alinea in Chicago. Popcorn With extra salt, light on the butter, or au naturel.

As a coffee table book, Lara Kaster’s photographs are some of the most stunning food photography I’ve ever seen. The whole thing is very cool. Not to cooking from, but more as a source of inspiration. Imagine a lamb chop, but it’s the best, most succulent, most intense lamb chop you’ve ever had. Marinetti would be so proud!

Grant and Nick had never done a book either. I wished that this informality transferred onto the page, but understand the rationale for cookbok the two separate-but-equal.

Alinea, the cookbook

As a foodie who is more interested in rustic foodways, I’m almost offended by molecular gastronomy. Is Alinea’s food art?

The “Tomato” dish had 12 component recipes to it!! Some are definitely do-able in the home kitchen, and others are obviously not. I agree with Chef Symon, that is just sick. My only critique is to the graphic designer of the book: She couldn’t believe it.

Bravo to Grant Achatz for creating this singularly mesmerizing cookbook, all the while fighting for his life against cancer. French Laundry is accessible. Fookbook pretty unlikely I’ll ever be able to cook any of these dishes, but maybe, just maybe, I’ll get to experience them at Alinea someday. This is not a home-cook book. My attempt at reproducing Alinea’s Surf Clam dish. Thanks, Donna Only it’s not really a cookbook.


The pictures are amazing and inspirational for culinary readers. With Achatz’s much-publicized recent battle with tongue cancer adding a necessary humanizing element to the aloof and aljnea serious chef, I expected more of Ruhlman’s essay than the standard parallels of Achatz’s culinary awakening to a existential journey.

I WILL be checking out this book…. Lists with This Book.

Alinea, the cookbook | Michael Ruhlman

The food pairing is unique, the presentation is impeccably designed- just wow. Get close enough to sit down and allow yourself to be teased, challenged, and coddled by Achatz’s version of this kind of cooking, and you can have one of the most enjoyable culinary adventures of your life. The wrenching competition I am used to in high tech unfolding in this traditional culinary sector of the economy.

Congragulation to Chef Achatz, he has gone through a hell of a lot the last couple of years, congragulations to him on what I am sure will be an amazing book. I love finding a perfect gift.

It’s very complex stuff and some of the techniques are difficult to pull off, requiring a good deal of skill and delicacy.

Plus I made the choice to order from the website so I could get a signed copy and feel good about where all of the money was going. Mar 19, LorCon rated it liked it. Having been fortunate enough to dine at Alinea and meet Mr.

I am really eager to hear what critics, and the market, have to say about this ambitious book and it’s innovative publishing strategy. Haven’t we had enough of chef autobiographies telling us how hard it is to come up through the ranks, how there were chefs who were meanies that yelled at them and made them chop onions or peel potatoes instead of promoting them to second in command at age 15 when all anyone had to do was look at them and know that they were destined for greatness?


Keller’s whole thing, his metier, is taking everyday food lettuce, cheese, oyster, chocolate and doing it up in such a way that its essence is revealed.

He’s not really telling you how to use this book, he’s defending the intricacy of its recipes and urging you not to take them literally. Nevertheless, this is recommended for the essays on “how to think about food,” flavor combinations and also for the fabulous photography. This was the first book announcement that launched was is to be the best fall cookbook season ever this is no exaggeration.

Heck, a penny saved, and all that…. It speaks to a determination and creativity that is lacking in so many fields now. I was unaware that I mistakenly ordered two copies of the cookbook online.

The other two are: Its lovely to see the large scale photographs of the restaurant cookhook gorgeous food. He lives in Chicago with his girlfriend and two sons, Kaden and Keller. Are you going to give us any insider thoughts on that one, too?

If you cannot log on to Alinea-Mosaic due to lack of a password, then you can see an affiliated sample page that talks about some of the more modern ingredients in the professional kitchen. I have had it pre-ordered for months too. Apr 04, Ofer Yakov rated it it was amazing. Dec 26, Mark is currently reading it.