Velká sbírka diagramů – mnohotažek. Brilliant Ways to Checkmate. diagramů s řešením. Publikuje ŠK Řemdih Strmilov. Satis ce. Vavříny vždy unikly . In Reinfeld’s Brilliant Checkmates problem 95, in the queen sac section, can’t White just play. 1. Ng3+ Kh4 (forced). 2. Nf3+ Kg4 (forced). 3. h3#. Fred Reinfeld (—) is said to be the most successful and prolific chess writer of all time, being associated with over one-hundred titles. His books on.

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August 10, at 6: Again, Reinfeld introduces each chapter with perceptive comments.

A review of 1001 Brilliant Ways to Checkmate by Fred Reinfeld and Bruce Alberston

October 12, at 5: I know nothing about programming and am sure it shows! A penultimate version of the review is reproduced here. January 4, at 8: February 11, at 9: It will be really helpful if there is a link or rectangular column at the side to see all the problem numbres so that we can click on it for review.

January 31, at 6: December 7, at 1: The book is organized around meeting Threats, in three sections: December 17, at 9: They are fine contributions to helping all players improve their chess talents.


November 5, at February 7, birlliant 9: January 3, at 4: November 7, at 6: I love this application. June 22, at In his Introduction, Heisman provides practical advice about meeting threats: My thanks to the good folks at BCM for allowing me to do so.

December 7, at 2: I think there should be a manual move-on to the next random puzzle.

Brilliant Checkmates #95 – Chess Forums –

Brilliant frm the web side as well. Well how about for one of 10001 Probably not or something went wrong with the loading of the diagram. You could solve this pretty easily I would think. Do something so that we can open it by no. So, am I supposed to plan everything out before I play the first move?

Using opera version Both books tend to put easier problems towards the beginning of a section, but the difficulty can range dramatically from checkmate to problem.

June 16, at Really like these puzzles. Fred Reinfeld was also one of the most prolific authors in history, having written hundreds of books on topics ranging from numismatics to philately to science.


Brilliant Ways to Checkmate (21st Century Edition)

Could you please send the puzzle to my email address? January 20, at 6: December 20, at 4: Qd1 is much quicker. The sorting of problems by motif is useful for the player learning the basic grammar of chess tactics.

July 29, at 6: The second step is to study a great many examples of these tactical themes. So White is not in check, because the pawns have to move away from this king. May 11, at October 31, at 6: Below you can find Brilliant Checkmates as a kind of exercise.

And you can get more info on wikipedia. These two books are companion volumes and together cover a full range of tactical chess issues.

June 17, at 7: